WELCOME to the creative world of Gary Allen Maricich, Jr.

I AM ...

Gary Allen Maricich, Jr.; Born Artist; Graduate of Brooks College; Post-Graduate Apprentice to Leonetto Tintori, world-renowned conservator of fresco; Commissioned Artist; Shakuhachi Player; Interior Architect; Fabricator; Design Guru; Haiku Master; Tri-athlete; Specialist of European Plasters and Finishes; Eagle Scout; Jemmy Devotee; Aspiring Chef; Impresario.

WHAT inspires me:

The fantasy of the Arabian Nights; Truth; Color; Music; F1 Race Cars; Freshly cut wood; Food; Technology; Textiles; The Moon; Materials; Beer; Laughter; Nature; Freshly ground pigments; Light; Love; Challenge; Emotive Art; Italy; Juicy Pattern; The Pacific Ocean; Peanut Butter and Jelly

WHO Inspires Me:

Piero della Francesca; Paolo Uccello; Gandhi; Bauhaus; Mies Van der Rohe; David Hockney; James Bond; Ettore Sottsass; Elizabeth Barret Browning; My Family; Rumi; The Academy "Search out and embrace the not-so-obvious details. Nothing is insignificant…in design or in life." - gm -

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MEET Jodi Eve Maricich, Design Pixie

I wondered

... in horror: "What if every house were the same?!"

It's simple. Jodi believes every person is unique and her desire is to collaborate to design spaces that reflect the individual wishes and needs of her clients…with a little pixie spin.

Jodi's Advice Column:

Pour whimsy into your foundation.
A sofa should be tasty, not tasteful.
The right chandelier illuminates a room with joy.
A rug should make your feet want to dance.
Allow the color of your front door to beckon, "come in!"
Children should be seen and heard in home decor.
Panache tastes good with pancakes.
Good lighting is better than a facelift.
Style is in you ... dig it!
A fabulous shower will inspire song.
Every seat should be a "loveseat."
Let your home expose your soul.
Good design is a positive experience.

From directing the placement of furniture in her family homes as a small child to pursuing a Master's in Feng Shui as an adult, designing with balance and harmony has been Jodi's lifelong passion.

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